Why Psychotherapy?

If you are experiencing a crisis, high anxiety levels, stress at home or in your job, if you are suffering an identity crisis, or have split up from your partner and going through emotional pain which you feel stuck in, then it may be time to seek some professional help.

Psychotherapy is a talking therapy, a practice in which the client and psychotherapist together plan their work and assess its progress. For a wide range of psychological distress, both subjective client reports and more objective measurements show that psychotherapy works. For example, it reduces anxiety, depression and anger that is out of control. You will be likely to understand the sources of your problems and deal with them effectively.

The 1994 American Consumer Report (CR) study concluded that patients benefited very substantially from psychotherapy. This study was replicated in Germany and essentially the same conclusions were arrived at, resulting in their stating that the study data are not specific to the United States but have more global applications.

Common Individual Issues:

Depression; low self esteem; anger management; anxiety (panic attacks, compulsions, obsessions); sexual orientation; exhaustion; work related stress; living amongst prejudice; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual issues; life direction; grief; issues with control; loneliness; sexual abuse; physical/emotional abuse.

Some Common Issues Couples Bring:

Difficulties in verbal and/or physical communication (difficulties with intimacy; constant argueing; barely talking; abuse); differently held values which are causing problems; boredom.

Family and Friends

If someone close to you is struggling with an issue that is causing great stress, you are welcome to contact me. It may be that encouraging them to read this website will foster some hope that there are ways to work through or live with their issues in a positive way.