Individual Therapy

Each session is 50 minutes long, generally once a week. Some people may want more sessions per week. How many weeks depends on the issues involved and can range from twelve sessions to longer term work.

Couple Therapy

Each session is eighty minutes, once a week. Duration of therapy depends on the issues brought.

Group Therapy

I run groups between 4 – 8 people, including myself. This is a well established and effective form of therapy for a range of issues. We would meet weekly, for one hour and 30 minutes.

Read more about my Therapy Group for Anxiety


Skype Therapy

Skyping sessions are available for those clients who, whilst out of the country for work or on holiday, wish to have a psychotherapy session. I have also skyped with some clients when they have felt there was an emergency.
Occasionally people living in areas where psychotherapists are not available, especially in some Pacific Islands, have contacted me and skyping has been the best solution for their needs.